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Facebook Ecommerce with StoreYa

How to create a store on facebook with StoreYa StoreYa is an online service which allows you to import your store and create a free Facebook store. StoreYa is an easy to use online tool, but, please note that this service isfree until it’s in the Beta period. After the beta period you will be getting a free trial of this tool for … Continue reading

What is Magento ?

Magento is a very powerful and fast growing ecommerce script, created by Varien. It is an open-source platform using Zend PHP and MySQL databases. Magento offers great flexibility through its modular architecture, is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options that its users appreciate. Magento is an open source based ecommerce web … Continue reading

Magento Go: Dramatically Increase Sales with the Power of eBay

January 25, 2012 I 10AM PST Webinar: The Power of eBay! Would you like to expand your Magento Go store to reach millions of eBay buyers? With M2E, a Magento Go extension, you can seamlessly connect your store with eBay’s platform. It allows you to quickly and easily create and manage listings, synchronize stock levels … Continue reading

11 Best Magento Template Providers

Magento Templates are highly popular as they are professionally designed and developed by Magento Developers. With the help of Magento (which is feature rich ecommerce platform and has a great functionality), developers can build unique, attractive and appealing Magento templates for users. Magento not only provides its users with enormous features, full control over the … Continue reading

Top e-Commerce Hosting Reviews

You know how people who just started their online business spent gobs of money on expensive, complicated eCommerce hosting solutions and e-commerce website designers? They think they have to over-compensate with extra money for their lack of business, product and marketing knowledge. The truth is, if you’re going to open an online store, there are … Continue reading

4 Ways to Waste Money on Your Ecommerce Store

The causes of ecommerce failures are diverse, but they frequently end with the proprietor shuttering the operation because it is losing too much money. In this article, I list four activities that I believe can destroy an ecommerce business’s bottom line and waste your money. I think that if you avoid these money traps, you … Continue reading

Optimizing Conversions with Website Testing – Google Website Optimizer Integration

The third in a series of webinars on Maximizing Magento – Optimizing Conversions with Website Testing. Google and the Magento team are joining forces in presenting Magento’s native implementation for Google Website Optimizer. Full Webinar Transcript  Roy Rubin: Welcome, everyone. My name is Roy Rubin, founder and CEO of Varien, the Magento company. I’d like … Continue reading

Magento and Razor 360 Present: 7 Tips to Accelerate Your eCommerce Evolution

Magento and Razor 360 Present: 7 Tips to Accelerate Your eCommerce Evolution Make sure you have the tools, resources and knowledge you need to ensure success when implementing an eCommerce solution. Going online involves much more than just setting up a site. This webinar discusses eCommerce from a holistic perspective, providing real-world guidance on how … Continue reading

Magento Webinar Getting the Most out of Multi-Store Management

Getting the Most out of Multi-Store Management Speaker: Chris Marshall, Business Development Manager @ VarienTopics include: Websites, Store and Store Views and how they work Configuring Magento for multiple online-storefronts Utilizing Multi-Store functionality to manage multiple brand storefronts Utilizing Multi-Store functionality to manage locale specific (language and currency) storefronts Tips and Tricks on getting the most … Continue reading

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