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what is the best consumer product to sell ?

The E-Commerce Times has combined these categories into segments as follows: Software, books, music, videos and flowers was $711.3 million, or 26 percent of the $2.8 billion total. Airline tickets, car reservations and hotel reservations was $582.8 million, or 21 percent of the total. Computer hardware, consumer electronics and office supplies was $449.2 million, or … Continue reading

New Swiss Army Knife With a 1 TB USB Flash Drive

Swiss Army Presentation Pro Will it be one of the greatest products for 2012 ? Victorinox has unveiled a Swiss Army knife with a USB flash drive that holds 1 terabyte of data. The company has had a USB knife in its line of products for a while, but the Victorinox SSD comes with several … Continue reading

Top Selling Products Online

Some Statistics Here are some interesting points and numbers about the top selling products online. Read them to learn more about this booming medium for the trade industry, and also, to educate yourself about making money online.     Total sales of all online trading was close to $3 billion for the previous year. Books, … Continue reading