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I am a Mobile | Web Development & Marketing Project Manager with a passion for E-commerce, International Trade and Social Media.
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Some Essential Ecommerce Marketing Tactics

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the implementation of tactics to help search engines easily find your website, determine it to be valuable, and move it up search engine results pages. The closer you get to the top of the rankings for certain search terms, the more likely you are … Continue reading

Don’t forget Social Media in your Ecommerce Strategy

The seed of social media may have largely been planted by some aggressive and hormonal college kids, but the evolution and power of this massive force is now part and parcel of nearly every competitive business today. Not only has social media become expected in business, but it has also become absolutely integral in customer … Continue reading


What does WebGL technology offer ? According to Wikipedia’s current definition, e-commerce is an exchange of goods and services between two entities via electronic networks. In France, e-commerce was first introduced in the 80s, with Minitel transactions. Internet development during the 1990s had a huge impact on custumers’ buying habits. By the end of 2000, many … Continue reading


 FACEBOOK CONTESTS: AN 8-STEP GUIDE FOR SUCCESS WEBINAR SERIES FACEBOOK CONTESTS: AN 8-STEP GUIDE FOR SUCCESS with Jason Weaver WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2012 AT 2PM EASTERN/11AM PACIFIC Contests on Facebook have proven to be tremendously powerful tools for community growth and interaction. Join us Wednesday, May 23 at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific to learn how to plan and … Continue reading

U.S. E-commerce Landscape and Trends 2012

U.S. E-commerce Landscape and Trends 2012

Guessing in Social Media Marketing Is Over

As you know, the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities is imperative to any company’s marketing strategy. Measuring social media marketing isn’t as easy as other marketing channels, but it can be done with the right tools and mindset. As you consider your social media monitoring strategy, it will help to group your … Continue reading

Social Commerce incorporating Social Media to Ecommerce

Applications like product reviews, recommendations and ratings are years old, and emerged as the most popular social media tools way before the term “social media” was actually coined. They enabled customers to find out what their peers were thinking, and provided valuable user data and feedback to the retailer which could be reviewed in “real-time.” … Continue reading

Tips on Facebook Ecommerce for Brands

With more than 600 million active users on Facebook, the world’s largest social network is no longer just about “liking” brands when it comes to marketing. Today, Facebook users span various demographics and demand immediate value in return for demonstrating loyalty and joining new Facebook communities. In addition to incentivizing new fans with automatic submissions to … Continue reading

Get paid on the spot from your mobile phone

Intuit GoPayment   Intuit GoPayment is one of the most versatile mobile credit card processing solutions available. Intuit is the company behind the popular accounting software QuickBooks and many other services for businesses, so it’s no wonder that their mCommerce (mobile commerce) offering is powerful and very user-friendly. Intuit GoPayment is a great way for any company to … Continue reading

Facebook Ecommerce with StoreYa

How to create a store on facebook with StoreYa StoreYa is an online service which allows you to import your store and create a free Facebook store. StoreYa is an easy to use online tool, but, please note that this service isfree until it’s in the Beta period. After the beta period you will be getting a free trial of this tool for … Continue reading