What is Ecommerce ?

What is e commerce is a blog featuring the latest trends on online electronic commerce, here you will find resources and information regarding ecommerce, and everything the small to medium and large business operator needs to know to run a successful business.

The topics discussed here will serve the vast needs of the growing eCommerce industry, Technical aspects like hosting, what engine or platform to run, what server to use. Design topics like themes, plugins, widgets and templates.  Online Marketings Strategies for online business, Best Search Engine Optimization techniques SEO. Free guides on growing your online business and Social Media.

Please feel free to participate asking questions, making suggestions or commenting on posts that are in the website. If you are yourself a professional in some area related to ecommerce and you would like to make a guest post, please let me know.

About the author:

Alejandro Garcia De Frenza

I am a Mobile | Web Development & Marketing Project Manager with a passion for E-commerce, International Trade and Social Media.

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