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Get paid on the spot from your mobile phone

Intuit GoPayment

intuit go payment

intuit go payment


Intuit GoPayment is one of the most versatile mobile credit card processing solutions available. Intuit is the company behind the popular accounting software QuickBooks and many other services for businesses, so it’s no wonder that their mCommerce (mobile commerce) offering is powerful and very user-friendly. Intuit GoPayment is a great way for any company to accept credit cards on the go. The mobile credit card processing solution is easy to set up, easy to use, and very affordable.

One of the best parts of Intuit GoPayment is that it’s so simple. The credit card processing app is able to run on a huge variety of phones and can easily integrate with mobile credit card swipers for even more streamlined transactions. The app itself is completely intuitive to use and provides some very useful features like the ability to email or text receipts directly to customers. And of course the mobile credit card processing solution is remarkably easy to integrate with accounting software (though to be clear, you don’t have to use QuickBooks to use GoPayment).


  • Fast & Easy

    • Get paid on the spot.
    • Process any major credit card.
    • No need to purchase additional equipment.2
    • Get authorization in seconds3 – no need to write down payment information or call into your back office
    • E-mail or text message clients electronic receipts directly from your phone.
    • Access our free Merchant Service Center 24/7/365 to view all your transactions and manage GoPayment users.4
    • Add up to 50 employees to a single GoPayment account by simply providing them a user ID and a GoPayment supported mobile phone.
    • Just key in card information directly into your phone or swipe cards with an optional GoPayment compatible card reader.5
    • Save time and increase bookkeeping accuracy by downloading GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks financial software.6
    • Mobile credit card.
  • Protected mobile credit card transactions

    • Credit card information is not stored in your phone – it’s like using a credit card terminal.
    • Customers gain peace of mind because their cards never leave their sight.
    • Use the optional Bluetooth card reader to ensure accurate data entry.
    • Increase customer trust by safely transmitting customer payment information with GoPayment technology.
  • Professional & Proven

    • Put the Intuit brand to work for you.
    • Over 4 million businesses currently use Intuit solutions.
    • Over 220,000 merchants use our credit card processing services.
    • Intuit processes over 116 million transactions per year.



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