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Top Products Selling Online

what is the best consumer product to sell ?

The E-Commerce Times has combined these categories into segments as follows:

Software, books, music, videos and flowers was $711.3 million, or 26 percent of the $2.8 billion total.

Airline tickets, car reservations and hotel reservations was $582.8 million, or 21 percent of the total.

Computer hardware, consumer electronics and office supplies was $449.2 million, or 16 percent of the total.

Apparel, footwear, jewelry and linens/home decorations was $353 million, or 13 percent of the total.

Health, beauty and food and beverages was $220.5, or 8 percent of the total.

Toys, video games and sporting goods was $199 million, 7 percent of the total.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Small appliances, appliances, furniture and tools and garden equipment was $95.6 million or 3 percent of the total.
The best selling products on the Internet
right now and has been for the last 2 years are as follows;
How to sell books online More than 600 million books will be sold on the Internet this year, forecasts say. This should not come as a grand surprise when you realize the marketing power of or Barnes and Noble.

The average Internet surfer is well educated, self employed or in a responsible management position. He definitely has a need of information, new trends, but also of relaxing and sit-back time. Many consumers use books for this purpose and enjoy reading.

The market is well fitted with the major book sellers, however, small and aggressive entrepreneurs will always have a chance to conquer their niche markets.

Therefore in order for you to succeed online selling books you will have to choose a specific high demand book category and focus on this niche.

How to sell computers online There are literally millions of people who use computers and who purchase computer products daily. And not to mention, that there are over 1 million new internet surfers which come to the net each and every day looking to fulfill their computer product shopping needs.

Computer hardware and software continue to be among the most popular items purchased via the Internet, according to the latest research from NRF with double the amount spent over the Net on computer products for last year. The computer reseller industry in one of the most profitable businesses of all.

How to sell apparel online Online retailers made large strides in gaining market share. Online apparel retailers marked a major milestone last year, with sales topping $1 billion for the year. According to NPD, the percentage of total apparel dollars spent on the Internet tripled between September and November, leveling off at year end, at slightly over 1 percent of the total apparel market.

Across all channels of distribution, sales of men’s apparel outpaced total market growth, for the second year in a row. Women’s apparel sales, which account for more than half of all industry sales, lagged slightly behind the market as a whole.

How to sell video games online A significant increase in the number shoppers at toys and video game sites for the last 2 years during the week ending Nov. 11 has led analysts to declare that week the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

As you might expect, online toys and video game sales experience their strongest quarter during fourth quarter of the calendar year as holiday sales increase. According to, 57 percent of Q4 sales will be generated during the holiday season.

BizRate also expects a 25 percent year-over-year increase in online toy sales for Q4 this year; online sales of toys are expected to generate $500 million in Q4 this year compared to $430 million last year.

How to sell DVD's online Home Video DVD’s Out Sell Feature Films and Movies. The incredible success of DVD video has propelled home video to become America’s most popular entertainment medium, surpassing consumer spending on movie tickets, music and mass-market books.

Just announced by the DVD Entertainment Group at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, U.S. consumers spent more than twice as much buying and renting DVDs as they did going to the movies. Last year, consumers spent $20.3 billion buying and renting DVDs versus $9.3 billion moviegoers spent at the theatrical box office.

How to sell health and beauty products online Consumers Showing Interest in Online Health and Beauty Sector. Online beauty product sales accounted for approximately 1 percent of the $25 billion-plus total US beauty market last year, but could gain significant market share in the near term, according to a report by The NPD Group.

While a relatively small percentage of Internet users reported previously purchasing beauty products online, nearly two-thirds of those polled said they would consider doing so in the future.

NRF Fact: The top and best selling products on the internet are:
How to sell computer products online

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# 2.Computer Hardware
# 3.Computer Software
# 4.Apparel
# 5.Toys/Video Games
# 6.Videos DVD’s
# 7.Health and Beauty
# 8.Consumer Electronics
# 9.Music
# 10.Jewelry
# 11.Office Supplies
# 12.Linens/Home Décor
# 13.Flowers
# 14.Sporting Goods
# 15.Footwear
# 16.Small Appliances
# 17.Tools and Garden
# 18.Gifts

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