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Top Products Selling Online

Top Selling Products Online

Some Statistics

What is the more profitable product i can sell online ?

Products that are selling hot online

Here are some interesting points and numbers about the top selling products online. Read them to learn more about this booming medium for the trade industry, and also, to educate yourself about making money online.



  • Total sales of all online trading was close to $3 billion for the previous year.
  • Books, music, software and videos comprised about 26% of this total. This roughly means that these items fetched around $710 million.
  • Travel reservations, car bookings, airline tickets and hotel reservations comprised 21% of this total. Total sales were around $580 million.
  • Computer related hardware and software, consumer electronics and office supplies sold about $450 million, and comprised 16% of total sales.
  • Shoes, clothes, home decorations and jewelry got sold for around $350 million and comprised about 13% of total sales.
  • Food and beverages and health products constituted about 8% of total sales, and their overall transactions were around $220 million.
  • Sporting goods, video games and toys comprised 7% of the total and were sold for about $200 million.
  • Other items like furniture, tools and small appliances were sold for about $95 million, and this made up approximately 3% of total online sales.

Now, if you’re looking to increase your volume of sales online, then you need to offer something that either fits into one of these categories, or you need to offer something that is completely original and ingenious. If you can manage to offer something that is useful, economical and not available at any retail stores, you can be assured of tremendous amounts of volume. Simply knowing how to sell stuff online is not enough. You need to find your niche and then attack it by ensuring that everyone knows about your product and its availability.

Not only having a great product will assure you  a big selling success, you also need to explorer other aspects of the consumer trends, having the right accessories for your products and close related products will  help, knowing how to make the consumer aware of your store having those goods and hot selling products is the tricky part.

Marketing the top selling products online is not a difficult task, and the Internet is a great place for people to spread positive word of mouth. If even a single person is satisfied with what you are offering, and offers his/her approval, it will benefit you greatly. With a little bit of analysis about the tricks and secrets of selling products online, you can achieve success at a fairly rapid rate.

From a buyers point of view, all these top selling products online are easily available and you can purchase them at your convenience. The Internet has truly changed the face of trade, and it has made the process easier for many people. So the next time you are in need of buying something, do give these products a second thought.

In trying to locate programs or products that will earn us money online, we need to understand what visitors already want, or need, to buy. Researching a good choice of idea or product is always accompanied by interfacing the current market-demand for the product in the prevailing market climate and the amount of competition, or the current share of the market, the product will be having in the extended run.

Now, the second item that ought to be considered in finding “hot” goods to promote are the level of the competition or the market shares do your product will have. Market share or level of competition means the ratio of your brand sales versus the total number of market sales. Even though some companies would ,of course, define its object rivals, it is really the buyers who finally decide the competitive boundaries, or the list related products or services which consumers consider, as they exercise their purchasing power. We must consequently select the market segment where we can have a potential leadership or at least a strong challenger position. Because the main priority of access into this business is not just to please the desires and wants of our clients but to do so profitably more efficiently than his competition. Otherwise, our competition will end up serving the customers better than our own interest.

Here are some of the most popular items that regularly change hands over the Internet. The buyers get these things to sell online cheaper than they would in the market, but the disadvantage is that there are no assurances about the quality and the state of the item in question.

  1. Books and magazines
  2. Computer hardware products
  3. Computer software products
  4. Apparel and designer clothes
  5. Video games and toys
  6. Cosmetics and health products
  7. Consumer electronics
  8. Music DVDs and CDs
  9. Jewelry items
  10. Office supplies and equipment
  11. Home decorating items and linen
  12. Flowers
  13. Sporting goods and items
  14. Shoes and footwear
  15. Small electronic appliances
  16. Tools and garden items
  17. Gifts and other items

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