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Groupon’s Revamped Merchant Center

Groupon launched its redesigned Merchant Center last January 4th. As posted by their Senior Product Manager Amit Koren in an official blog post, the new Merchant Center is a comprehensive dashboard which shows a merchant’s entire Groupon performance, including customer feedback and performance analytics.

groupon merchant center

Groupon !!! Collective Buying Power...

Groupon’s Simplified Merchant Center

Groupon’s new Merchant Center simplifies many features from its previous version. It now provides an overview of a merchant’s featured deals, Groupon Now! deals, and Groupon Rewards program. The new dashboard also shows customer demographic information such as age, sex, and zip code. The new dashboard is basically designed to encourage retention of desertion of customers depending on their feedback. In turn, it will help merchants understand their market’s behavior.

The Merchant Center Customer Feedback

Other than the condensed Merchant Center, the new dashboard also had a significant addition to its features—the Customer Feedback section. This feature will help merchants see who among their customers recommend their brand, while checking consumer feedbacks. That way, merchants can further understand how their business is performing and how to re-engage their market.

The Customer Feedback section is basically divided into two parts: Responses and Comments. As Koren explained on Groupon’s blog, Responses represent the number of people who answered yes or no to a merchant’s recommendation query. The Comments section, on the other hand, shows the customer feedbacks after filling out their Groupon experience survey. These sections are updated in real time.

Groupon’s 2011 Gross Billing

In addition to the launching of Groupon’s new Merchant Center, Yipit (a daily deals aggregator) also reported last Wednesday that the company’s gross billing in November of last year outranked its rivals. Gross billing refers to the amount collected by the company from its coupon sales before paying their merchants’ share.

As for Groupon, they have earned $154 million in North American billings, beating its closest competitor, LivingSocial. Yipit also added that the company was able to take the industry’s lead, wherein the gross billing just increased to 2 percent from October to November.

The new Merchant Center is accessible through Groupon’s previous dashboard to help merchants switch from the old look to the new one comfortably. The revamped dashboard is part of the company’s efforts to provide a more comprehensive e-commerce platform for merchants, and to encourage them to promote more deals.

With the new dashboard, merchants will have data satisfaction, as they can now see real-time percentage of their customers’ recommendation and feedback. That way, they will no longer wonder whether they need to continue running daily deals or not.


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